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Note! This website is a collection of ideas and perspectives. Although i try to collect and unravel fragements of "truth", definitive truth is hard to capture.
It might (and will) contain personal biases, personal preferences and personal perspectives on subjects. Try to read with an open mind and in search of personal understanding.
Nature Just a tree on white background

Who knows what tree is?

Even a 2-year-old knows what a tree is. Right? Or is it actually pretty hard to know? Let's get to the root of this.

Who knows what tree is?
Truth Abstract truth

7 steps towards truth

Can we capture truth? Does absolute truth excist? Or are there many truths depending on your perspective and scale.

How to find truth!
Society The eye hovering above the piramide (as shown on a dollar bill)

The all-seeing eye

Or perhaps more commonly known as "the symbol" of the Illuminati (keep calm, don't drop out right away!), A down-to-earth interpretation.

Is the eye all-seeing?
Spirituality eye as an universe

Who am I?

"Who am I" is one of the great questions that every inquiring person will ask himself.

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Society comingSoon Fake news sticker

What feeds conspiracies?

When people start to realize that all kinds of things are "incorrect", it feeds the search for alternative truths that do paint a correct picture

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Nature comingSoon Bat hanging upsidedown in cave

You are modelling the world like a bat

The bat creates a sufficient model of its environment so that it can survive in it. We humans do exactly the same.

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