The all-seeing eye

A down-to-earth interpretation

The eye hovering above the piramide (as shown on a dollar bill)

What does the all-seeing eye see?

Or perhaps more commonly known as "the symbol" of the Illuminati (keep calm, don't drop out right away!) and of the US dollar bill. In conspiracy circles, it is often seen as meaning "the elite" who rise above the rest and rule society from a distance, but that is only one interpretation.

Focused on ourselves

However, if we reduce the scale and relativize the symbol (selfishly ;-)) to ourselves, it is a much more logical conclusion to see this symbol as our higher self, our spirit. The pyramid is our body, an animal or a biological robot, the earthly. Anyway, we exist largely as an automated/fixed structure, the body. Like the base of the pyramid. The pyramid is relatively "fixed", but even the pyramid will gradually change, just like your own body, and both will eventually decay (become one with the rest again, transform).

Seeing is believing

Seeing is believing

The all-encompassing power: consciousness

However, when we link the body, including the brain, to the input from the outside (via the senses), something seems to arise that transcends the pyramid. Our mysterious consciousness. Our awareness, which we can train to partly control our largely automated body and seems to be a kind of constant in a changing body. Are we (the body and brain) that awareness? Is it a touch of divinity? Or an "elusive exchange" between the internal and external world?

Really aware

Those who are truly aware, present in the moment, see (unfiltered) what others do not see. Every detail tells a story and helps us see the situation for what it is (instead of our projection from mind). Every detail is a puzzle piece of truth. Those who manage to expand their consciousness will come across as attentive, predictive and seem to be doing just that, what is needed in the moment, because they see the situation more clearly, like a light shining in the darkness. Those who are alert and attentive (and do not judge or think they are "better") will see people better for who they are. Restlessness and mistrust, or overconfidence and urge to prove, that person will see through. Because man creates his own model of the world in his brain through experience, memory and information from others, it is very difficult for most people to perceive the real world. Our head wanders and projects patterns and expectations over reality, distorting them. This can go either way, from fear, anger and distrust towards this "infernal world full of cruelty" to overconfident euphoric dreaminess about "heavenly forces and the supernatural man".


Who am i?

As far as is known, the all-seeing eye appears for the first time in history in Egypt, and served as a symbol for the sun god Horus. The eye of providence (Eye of providence) in Christianity (as a triangle) refers to the trinity (Father, son and the holy spirit). You could translate this (very succinctly) into all-is-one. Nature, man, multiplies and grows, but it is actually an infinite transformation of the same into another form. You (the child (son)) grew out of your parents (the father) and they grew out of nature (God, or the holy spirit, the whole, the cosmos).

Interpretation = misinterpretation

This is of course a nice story, but is it true? It is my current interpretation based on (poor) knowledge from many channels. As with logo design, even a simple image can lead to many interpretations. The all-seeing eye has been around for a long time, has been reinterpreted by different peoples and undoubtedly also misinterpreted. People from different backgrounds and from different times will find their own projected meaning in symbols and the world. (Read also: Our smart brain (is always right))

But maybe you have a completely different all-seeing eye on the matter?

"You (the child) grew out of your parents and they grew out of nature (God, or the holy spirit, the whole, the cosmos)." Interpretation: ~ Father, Son and the Holy Spirit


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