Human (you, me, they, we!)

Insight, consciousness & psychology

Beautiful but complicated little critters

Humans, the dominating little critters. Beautiful but complicated. Our behaviour, thoughts, feelings and idiosyncrasies. They make us who we are. Can we really understand ourselves? At least we can examine ourselves!

Being a part of nature

YOU are "Nature running wild". Humans are the "most wild" pieces of nature in many ways. We are an extension of nature, as well as nature being an extension of us.

Our joint mother

You, me and everything around us, it was once nature and we still are, but we forget that all too easily in our daily life. Everything grows, blooms, reproduces and dies. Nature is our teacher from whom we copy everything and which includes all answers.

Human: Understanding ourselves

  • Why people like to judge
  • What does an opinion consist of?
  • Do I have free will?
  • When are you an adult?
  • Just be yourself? How!?
  • Analysis of thoughts

Human: Behavior and psychology

  • The flip side of self-protection
  • Sell yourself with heart and soul!
  • Help! Am I addicted?
  • Why philosophy and nature for self-reflection?

Human: Group behavior

  • Pushing off responsibility
  • Selfish self-interest
  • An AH moment with the cashier