Different & equal, deviating from the norm, judging and extremism

The core underlying problem

I (personally) approach "discrimination" as a theme very coldly (rationally) and universally, focused on the core and a solution (in the bigger picture). In my opinion, the solution to discrimination mainly lies in becoming aware of how we work as human beings. How does our brain work and how do we deal with it. The more people understand themselves, the more people understand that we all judge too quickly sometimes, are taught weird things sometimes and how our human brain works, the less discrimination there will be in the world.

Distinguishing things & intention

Discrimination is making a distinction. Maybe you are mainly a dog- or cat-person, that is a distinction, a preference. Dogs follow their owner, cats go their own way. Neither is "better", but they are different. Perhaps your youngest child (or a short person) is not allowed on the roller coaster, because there is a high risk that the child will fall off. The roller coaster is designed for a specific length. That is actually discrimination, but it is well-intentioned and in practice it is impossible to take every unique individual into account. The search for balance continues.


Discrimination is a problem if it has bad intentions or is (strongly) based on prejudice. Affirmative action can also be a problem, e.g. through favoritism. But it's also tricky. Are you not allowed to hire your best friends or family at your own company? As the owner, you can certainly decide that yourself(?). It is different with the government.


Extremism arises from simplicity, simplification. If I want to tell you something short and sweet, I simplify the message so that it is clear. E.g. "Crooks are bad!" Does anyone disagree? You (my reader!) are of course very nuanced and stubborn and think that's a bit too simple. You ask yourself, what do you mean by "crook" and when is something "stealing", does property exist at all?


In an army operation, as a soldier you sometimes have to blindly follow orders, you cannot start an extensive group debate in an emergency, but you have to trust the captain to make a good assessment and act quickly.


Discrimination also arises universally in our brain. Our thinking works dualistic, that is fast and efficient. Something is good or bad, tasty or dirty, and we continue. Now that people are more developed and have more time to think, we also see that those quick judgments are very personal and situation-dependent. In reality, no person or situation is the same, but our brain cannot handle that.

Thinking that discrimination only occurs in certain groups is discrimination. Personally i think understanding ourselves is the solution for a non-discriminating future.

You are not "inferior." You are not "superior." You are simply "You. Maxwell Maltz

The Stranger / The Exception

Those who stand out are first in line for judgment. Are you a different color from the group, are you fatter, different gender, taller, tattoos, a wine stain, a wheelchair, even smarter or whatever it is that makes you noticeably different from the group... your brain picks it out. Recently I was walking on the street and on the other side I noticed something, someone was walking "weird". Next thing I know I'm looking to see what's "going on", my brain wants an answer! Clarity, now! "Is this man okay? Is he drunk? Or does he have a "deformity" on his leg, hip, etc." Deviation, like foreigner, is a word that often has a negative association, but I don't mean it that way. I myself try to look through the words to see what someone is trying to "put into words". instead. "deviation", you can also say that someone is "special", which again sounds overly positive.

Abstract Discrimination: "who" is noticeably different from the group?

Humor, where is the line?

As far as I'm concerned, humor should always be possible, diversity is the key, because as the makers of South Park say, as long as you joke about everything, there's no problem. Almost everyone can appreciate a good joke, as long as you don't unilaterally chop at 1 subject, then it will automatically become sad.

When you choose you are trapped, because every time you choose you have chosen for one thing and against the other. Osho