Nature, being a part of

Being a part of nature

YOU are "Nature running wild"

Humans are the "most wild" pieces of nature in many ways. Running around with our gadgets, transforming the planet like no other and flying to other planets! We are an extension of nature, as well as nature being an extension of us.

Our joint mother

You, me and everything around us, it was once nature and we still are, but we forget that all too easily in our daily life. Everything grows, blooms, reproduces and dies. Nature is our teacher from whom we copy everything and which includes all answers.

Nature: Environment

  • Nature, how horribly beautiful she is!
  • Why philosophy and nature for self-reflection?
  • Why the economic crisis is not a real crisis.
  • The meaning of Nature Runs Wild

Nature: Animals

  • Why wild beasts are relatively civilized.
  • Dolphin hunters and seal clubbers
  • Cooking mussels. Am I torturing?

Nature: Plants

  • The perspective of a plant
  • Plant a seed for perfect design
  • Who knows what a tree is?