Consciousness, faith, infinity

Those things called "feelings"

Sometimes you have to put logical thinking aside and listen to your gut. A feeling cannot be captured in thoughts, words, logic, but it is just as important. Spirituality is often confused with faith and/or with religion, which are only small branches of the umbrella term "spirituality".

Unproven does not automatically mean unreal

I "believe" that spirituality plays a major role in our journey towards a moral and human future. Concepts like "love" or "human kindness" should not be discarded because they can not be "completely captured" in numbers, words or models. You can not scientifically proof (for example) the love for your family, but that does not mean it's there. In that way, some things can't be captured in science or words. People try to "capture" these things in art, music, movies etc.

Spirituality: Consciousness / Mindfulness

  • Who am I?
  • A sober perspective on enlightenment
  • What brought me to meditation
  • Consciousness in practice
  • Why the Buddha always smiles
  • See the light

Spirituality: Faith (~trust)

  • Seeing is believing!?
  • Black Pete fights against global interests
  • Faith is not wanting to know what is true.
  • Why it's reasonable to believe in dragons.

Spirituality: Religion (tradition, worship, group formation, symbolism)

  • Where God and Allah come from
  • Why we like to cling to the past.
  • The National Religion Debate
  • The multicultural parents of religion
  • Always cosy! The Jehovahs at the door
  • Tradition is stagnation
  • Sinterklaastrauma (The lied truth)

Spirituality: Infinity

  • Imperfection is perfection
  • Your unlimited wish How far can you think? Can you imagine infinity?
  • The meaning of life