FAQ-U ;-)

Frequently asked questions about and from you!

Who am i?

A secret for yourself to unravel!
Human: None of your business. That's my personal privacy! :)
Society: "You are your name, your status, your ID number, a resource for the controllers of your tribe."
Nature: "You are the wildest animal species, trying to see yourself cut lose from nature. You are an complex animal extention of nature."
Science: "You are a construct/model made by your brain, which gives you identity. You are a biological robot created from variations of randomness."
Spirituality: "A child of the cosmos, part of the whole."
Cosmos: "You are a touch of energy of the whole, the all-encompassing energy field."

Why am i here?

"You're wasting your time, clicking weird links on the internet ;)"
Human: "To live and love. Make your own time worthwhile."
Nature: "To grow, variate and evolve."
Science: "Total randomness, because dinosaurs got killed by meteors. Complex life had to become smarter to survive, to delay extinction."
Spirituality: "You are a child of God, the cosmos. You have a role to fullfill, but what that is exactly, is a bit vague. Quiet down and you might find out."
Society: "You are humanpower (energy), a cog in the machine. We need you to fix our collective problems."
Cosmos: "You are here for maintenance of the cosmos, just like worms do with the earth and small organisms clean-up and maintain your body. Without being superior, we humans ar a kind of administrators, the gatekeepers, who should strive for a stable balance."

What's the meaning of life?

Human: "That's up to you! Make and give your own meaning."
Nature: "No meaning necessary, just grow (in many ways)."
Science: "No meaning found yet. But you could also just be investigative and enjoy the wondrous world."
Spirituality: "Play your part, learn your lessons."
Society: "Contribute, help and be helped. And making money, becoming powerful and important."
Cosmos: "Imagine you were alone for eternity and could wish for anything? As a God, or a boundless dreamer, you could create worlds and universes. You could live simple, or complex. You could live rich, but to enjoy that, you would need to know how it feels to be poor. Every life, every piece of nature is a different perspective, a different experience. Be a bird, a fish, an ant, a dinosaur, a knight, a spacegirl, or whatever. Maybe, that is what this whole of excistence is."

What happens when we die?

Truth: "No-one really knows. It's a mystery."
Human: "We'll never forget you! That's for sure..."
Nature: "You will be recycled into nature, as nutrition for the soil. And in an abstract way you will be redistributed through nature. "
Science: "You cease to excist, there probably will be no-thing."
Spirituality: "Your body will cease to excist, your spirit will join the heavens."
Society: "We'll moan and whine for a bit and then delete you from the administration-books. If we think you were great, we'll make a rememberence statue of you."
Cosmos: "As a drop of water becomes one with the sea, so will your energy-field join the great alle-encompassing energy field. In an abstract (non-person) way you will rejoin the energy where you came from. You can not really be seperated from where you came, all is one. Life + Death = Transformation."

What's your question?


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