Less judging, more being

A value judgement

Judging means assigning value. In our thinking we create a scale between 2 extremes. Good or bad, or a gradual scale in between. The value we assign to things usually depends on our perspective, what we think we need, or what we are looking for. Judgment places one above the other. One is worshiped and the other is ignored.

But who are YOU & I to judge?

Not judging

Does a murderer deserve the death penalty? As a kid, that used to seem fair to me. When you get a little older and your world view is a bit broader and more detailed, you see that simple-looking things can be very (~infinitely) complex. Is green more beautiful than red? Are elephants better than zebras? You can only judge (make the right choice) if you ask a specific question. Which is faster, walking or cycling? Without purpose, context or specification, judgment is meaningless. Who is more beautiful? You or me? "Prettier" in what way. Is a value judgment necessary? Is your ego stroked when someone calls you beautiful? Or are you enough with yourself (self love)?

  • Why people like to judge
  • Sexy shrubs and fat trees
  • Imperfection is perfection (no need to judge)
  • Creation ("positive") + Destruction ("negative") = Transformation ("neutral")
Trying to understand a man is so difficult that one easily condemns him. George van Acker