That's you! No, that's us!

Is society run on money?

In a society that currently revolves mainly around money and has been made completely performance-oriented, we lack a common goal. Has a direction been chosen at all? Or do we blindly run in any direction until we hit our head somewhere and nature has to whistle us back with "natural disasters"?

Complexity needs a good fundament of understanding

The Tower of Babel nicely illustrates how an ever higher (and more complex) tower has an increasing risk of growing crooked and collapsing. The foundation is old, poorly maintained or forgotten and in some places even rotten. Anyone who sees and feels the system rattling at the bottom, but far up there is nothing to see but blue sky and sunshine. But the higher you fly, the greater the fall.

Can we save the tower? Stabilize in time? We will see. What we can do anyway is solve small manageable problems and gain insight.

Society: Economy, money and property

  • The successful entrepreneur and the apple tree
  • Time to write off the economy
  • What is a crisis anyway?
  • Why the economic crisis is not a real crisis.
  • What do you actually earn?
  • Why top salaries persist
  • Dolphin hunters and seal clubbers
  • Sell yourself with heart and soul!

Society: Politics and Rules

  • 3 new political parties
  • The purpose of laws and regulations
  • A letter to our dear Heerbeestjes
  • When are you going to vote?
  • Vote wiser with the voting guide?
  • My patent on the sun
  • Automatic legislation
  • The exponential rise of automation; horror scenario, or heaven?

Society: Education

  • What do you think of multiple choice questions?

Society: Other leftovers

  • Einstein and the relativity of writing history
  • Our addiction to war solved
  • Shifting responsibility
  • Real freedom, do you want that?
  • Why blondes get more attention
  • Unimaginable and incomprehensible news