How to become yourself

See yourself as an empty glass at birth.

Over time you learn and experience things, your glass is slowly being filled. But have you ever examined your glass? What's in it and whose is it actually? In addition to your own experiences, you learn a lot from your parents, your teachers, the society and culture in which you live. However, some content does not survive the times. Some traditions are fun, others absurd or sometimes harmful. Which part is yours? And which part is cast in or worn in with you?

How can you be someone other than yourself? Don't take the words too literally and don't immediately jump into a defensive position! Try to understand what these words point to. A sponge absorbs itself just as easily with water, as with milk, as with beer. Is the sponge still itself? If the sponge is properly washed and dried, it will be close to its original self again!

You often hear that people don't want to be like their parents. Years later they find out that they do look a lot like them. Partly that is genetic, but partly it is also everything you have learned from them. You take over all kinds of things from childhood (often blind). Norms and values, what is "normal" for you? Eating patterns, interest in sports, entrepreneurship, nature, family or whatever.

What a person is becomes clear when his talents diminish, when he ceases to show what he can do. Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Who am i?
  • Who am I (not)
  • Just be true to who you are
  • Imperfection is perfection
  • Are you a human, machine, animal, nature, god?
  • How aware are you?