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Life + Death = Transformation

Who am i?

The unknown

The unknown is both fascinating and terrifying, and so is death. One day our time will come and the mystery will be answered for each individual. Will there be an infinite nothingness for the individual into which we dissolve? That seems to be the logical expectation. However, there is also a lot we do not know, so it is a somewhat short-sighted view of death. You could also approach death as an infinite potential transformation. Who knows, you might end up in another dimension, be reborn or something beyond our imagination will happen.


You can reason rationally that our body is going to transform anyway. Just as your food partly becomes your ever-renewing body, your body will also become one with the earth and food for the soil, for the worms and trees.

Hot and cold are 2 sides of the coin of temperature. In a same way life and death are 2 sides of transformation.


Your identity, your "I", that's another story. When you start investigating that for yourself, you will eventually come to the conclusion that your identity is an illusion. It's a selfconstructed model you made. What then remains? Your awareness, but what an elusive thing that is. De-construction your own identity is sometimes refered to as "dying while alive". The construction (and story) of your identity is easily confused with your true self, the word-less and judge-less awareness.


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