Letting go - David R. Hawkins

The pathway of surrender

Letting go - David R. Hawkins

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Projection is the main mechanism in use by the world today. It accounts for all wars, strife, and civil disorder. Hating the enemy is even encouraged in order to become a 'good citizen'. David R. Hawkins A far better alternative is to take responsibility for our own feelings and neutralize them. David R. Hawkins People are desperate to stay unconscious. David R. HawkinsWe moeten ieder moment "iets" doen, wat het ook is. The projection of these repressed feelings results in the social problems, disorders, and the increase of selfishness and callousness characteristic of our present society. Most of all, the effect is the inability to truly love and trust another person, which results in emotional isolation and self-hatred. David R. Hawkins The more surrendered we are, the less prone we are to stress. David R. Hawkins When the pressure of suppressed and repressed feelings exceeds the individual's tolerance level, the mind will create an event "out there" upon which to vent and displace itself. David R. Hawkins zijn aura's wetenschappelijk bewezen? Volgens mij niet. Let go of wanting to resist the feeling. It is resitance that keep the feeling going. David R. Hawkins ... as well as the basic teaching of Jesus Christ to "be in the world but not of it". David R. Hawkins To keep track of progress, many people keep a chart of their gains. This helps to overcome the resistance that usually takes the form, "This isn't working". David R. Hawkins Thoughts are like bait to a fish; if we bite at them, we get caught. It is best not to bite at the thoughts. We don't need them. David R. Hawkins The fastest way to move from the bottom to the top is by telling the truth to ourselves and to others. David R. Hawkins Fear of life is really the fear of emotions. It is not the facts that we fear but the feelings about them. Once we have mastery over our feelings, our fear of life diminishes. David R. Hawkins What kind of future do we want? Will we choose to be healed, of will we become one of the walking wounded? David R. Hawkins Apathy and depression are the prices we pay for having settled for and bought into our smallness. It's what we get for having played the victim and allowed ourselves to be programmed. It's the price we pay for having bought into negativity. David R. Hawkins Perhaps the biggest payoff of blame is that we get to be the innocent victim and the other party is the bad one. David R. Hawkins Blame is the world's gereatest excuse. It enables us to remain limited and small without feeling guilty. But there is a cost-the loss of our freedom. David R. Hawkins When i went to school, did they teach me courses on consciousness? Did anybody ever tell me that I had the freedom to choose wat went into my mind? Was I ever taught that I could refuse all of the negative programming? David R. Hawkins The world is only too willing to exploit our naiveté and play upon our smallness, with all of its vanities and fears. David R. Hawkins As the lyrics of the song put it, "We are caught between a fear of living and a fear of dying." David R. Hawkins It takes a lot of energy to keep the shadow buried and to suppress our multitude of fears. The result is energy depletion. David R. Hawkins Guilt is as prevalent as fear, and we feel guilty no matter what we are doing. A part of our mind says that we really ought to be doing something else. Or, whatever we are actually doing at the moment, we ought to be doing "better". David R. Hawkins We have unwittingly bought into a system of negativity that is currently running the planet. David R. HawkinsBovenstaand is ook "het zou anders, beter moeten", het is heel verleidelijk. This is because desire literally means, "I do not have." David R. Hawkins Chronic, unregognized anger and resentment reemerge in our life as depression, which is anger directed against oneself. David R. Hawkins We need to be aware that we have unwittingly become "injustice collectors." (example, horrible news) David R. Hawkins The prideful person is constantly on the defensive because of the vulnerability of inflation and denial. Conversely, the humble person cannot be humiliated for they are immune to vulnerability, having let go of pride. David R. Hawkins Pridefulness means we can be manipulated with great ease. In return for an absurdity, a great deal of money is lifted from our pocketbooks. The situation is currently comical in that people take great pride in how much the have been exploited. It is a current status symbol among certain circles to brag about how much one hav paid for certain things. David R. Hawkins Today's "in" opinion is tomorrow's "out" opinion. David R. Hawkins We like a concept so long as it serves us and we are getting enjoyment out of it. David R. Hawkins When we are openminded, we are admitting that we are not in possession of all the facts, and we are ready to change our opinions as the situation unfolds. David R. Hawkins We look inside a person and see the frightened animal that just doesn't know any better. We are aware that, if cornered, it will surely attack us and bite. David R. Hawkins A negative thought or feeling instantly weakens the body and creates an imbalance of the body's energy flow. David R. Hawkins The more fearful we are, the more quickly we become programmed, and then the body responds accordingly. David R. Hawkins Don't look for answers; instead, let go of the feelings behind te question. When we are surrendered on the feeling behing the question, we can let go of any other feeldings that we might also have about what seems to be the problem. David R. Hawkins Look to see what the underlying feeling is that produces the question in the first place. Once that feeling is let go, the answer will present itself automatically. David R. Hawkins Letting go has a peculiar advantage in that the surrendering of one negative feeling also relinquishes the energy behind many other negative feelings, so there is a constant across-the-board effect. David R. Hawkins We can tell if we are really surrendered when we feel okay either wayl it's okay with us if it happens, and it's okay with us if it doesn't. Therefore, to be surrendered does not mean to be passive. It is being active in a positive way. David R. Hawkins He (unkown person) concluded that succes in the world is related to our ability to concentrate, which means the ability to keep our attention on one thing at a time without interference of other thoughts or feelings. David R. Hawkins

Veel voorbeelden zonder naam, "een wetenschapper", "een man die belangrijk onderzoek bij grote bedrijven", dit roept bij mij alarmbellen, of bullshit-bellen op. Noem de naam, maak het hard, of maak er een algemeen verhaal van zonder "belangrijk, arts, prestigieus". Iedereen wil horen over de arts die zichzelf heelde, maar niemand kent zijn naam, of heeft de moeite genomen dat na te zoeken. (mijn weerstand groeit).

Enlightenment is not something that occurs in the future, after 50 years of sitting cross-legged and saying "OM." It is right here, in this instant. The reason you're not experiencing this stat of total peace and timelessness is because it is being resisted. It is being resisted because you are trying to control the moment. If you let go of trying to control the moment. David R. Hawkins

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